Who can be a member?

Simple and clear: Any individual with interest for biotechnology and related biological fields, and a connection to the University of Tromsø (both employees and students can become members). 


Why membership?

As a member of Helix, you’ll be able to exclusive access to the industry and science around the field. Also, you will be given the opportunity to connect and make yourself a valuable professional network and you’ll be oriented around eventual employers. Also, you’ll be introduced to social activities within the organization and you will be able to join internal events. As a member, you will also get discounts in activities where payment is required in order to join. 

While the university already have some activities going on, there is still a need for more. Faculty fundings go up and down, and priorities changes fast. With something unique as a student organization, students themselves can decide what they want to do with our needs in mind. As a member, you’ll be part of this change, and we DO need you!

Become a member

Helix is a multidisciplinary platform for all fields of studies which includes biotechnology or related topics. We have members from different fields of study, including biotechnology, biomedicine and other bio-related fields.

If you’re interested in biology and biotechnology, you are most welcome to join us!

Events and meetings

We organise events and meetings between students in academia and relevant industries. 

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